Saturday, September 29, 2018

Gaming Ads: Natsume

In 1987 Natsume Co., Ltd. was established in Japan and the following year its North American publishing branch Natsume, Inc. was founded. It has released more than 125 games since then and  still publishes games today. However, in 1995 Natsume, Inc. split from its parent company to become independent and in 2013 Natsume Co., Ltd. changed its name to Natsume-Atari (no relation to the original Atari which itself is a Japanese word). Natsume's best known game series is Harvest Moon which was developed by Marvelous until 2014. Marvelous opted to self-publish its Harvest Moon games in North America through Xseed (aka Marvelous USA) under the name Story of Seasons. Natsume owns the Harvest Moon license so games continue to be released in the series even though they are no longer developed by Marvelous.

Unfortunately, I don't actually have any Harvest Moon ads as the series began in 1997 in North America which is late for most of my magazines. A couple ads also might have been handled by SVG Distribution but I opted to place them with Natsume.

Natsume albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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