Saturday, September 8, 2018

Gaming Ads: Mindscape

Founded in 1983 by Roger Buoy and originally based in Northbrook, Illinois, Mindscape was a major computer software publisher throughout the '80s. Some of its earliest games include Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True!!, The Haley Project: A Mission in Our Solar System, Infiltrator, and titles based on James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Rambo movies. In 1988 Mindscape became a Nintendo licensee allowing it to publish games on the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy. Two years later the company was purchased by The Software Toolworks and moved to California. Over the next 10 years Mindscape would change hands many times as it was owned by Pearson, The Learning Company, Mattel, and Gore Technology Group. 

Throughout the '90s a number of international branches were also opened before Mindscape was acquired by Jean-Pierre Nordman in 2001. Mindscape's headquarters were moved to France and it actually began purchasing other companies, such as Montparnasse Multimedia and Coktel Vision. In 2011 the company closed but I'm not entirely certain for what reason, most likely financial difficulties as that is often the case. There is currently a Mindscape BV and its website says it has been a publisher since 1991 though it must just be the latest owners of the Mindscape name. The "About Us" page doesn't say a whole lot but it does take credit for classic Broderbund and Learning Company titles that were associated with Mindscape at one time. 

In the ads album you will see a few related to Sega as Mindscape distributed home computer ports of popular Sega arcade games. They appear here since Mindscape is responsible for the ads.

Mindscape albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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