Saturday, March 16, 2019

Gaming Ads: Renovation Products

Founded in 1989, Renovation Products was the North American publishing subsidiary of Telenet Japan (1983-2007). The majority of its games were released for the Sega Genesis with a few for Sega CD, and it appears only one (Doomsday Warrior) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Renovation was acquired by and folded into Sega in 1993. Telenet is known for a number of well known games, such as the Arcus and Valis series. Its internal studio Wolf Team developed Arcus and is also responsible for the Tales series that is now owned by Bandai Namco.

Like Camerica, Renovation used what it refers to as professional gamers in some of its ads. I'm not sure someone could make a living playing games in the '90s though they surely could have won some prizes at competitions. Camerica had Thor Ackerlund promote its games while Renovation heavily promoted Gaiares with Jamie Bunker, and David Izat appears in at least one ad for Arcus Odyssey.

Renovation Products albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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