Sunday, March 31, 2019

[YouTube] Hot Wheels U.S.A. Builder Set

Hot Wheels U.S.A. Builder Set was released in 1981 as part of a series that includes two Starter Sets and a Deluxe Set that bundles all three other sets together. The Builder Set has a bridge with ramp, ferry boat, three freeway sign posts, four figures, four sign posts, one double lane road, one single lane road, dock playset, town playset, and bridge playset. I don't own the Starter Sets but from what I can find those sets include two playsets and one road piece each. All of the sets feature the same street connections so that they can interlock together to form one large town. My photos are lacking most of the figures and small sign posts as I've been unable to locate those and one that I have is broken. My box is in rough shape as well after it got wet recently. Also, the set does not include any vehicles, I added those.

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