Saturday, June 1, 2019

Gaming Ads: The Software Toolworks

Founded in 1980, The Software Toolworks was based in California and is the creator of two very well known software series: The Chessmaster and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. It developed and or published more than 50 titles, including five games starring Nintendo's Mario and Luigi. In fact, six of the nine ads I have are for either Mario Is Missing! (Luigi is the primary protagonist) or Mario's Time Machine. As I stated in the Mindscape post, The Software Toolworks acquired Mindscape in 1990 and then in 1994 the two companies were purchased by Pearson PLC. Later that year Pearson changed The Software Tookworks' name to Mindscape and for more details about the end of Mindscape check out the aforementioned post -- the quick version is it closed in 2011.

The Software Toolworks albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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