Sunday, June 23, 2019

[YouTube] Transformers G1 Combiners

Transformers combiners are sets of Decepticons or Autobots that can connect to one another to form one large robot. The first combiner was Devastator that Hasbro released in 1985. He's a combination of six Construction vehicle Decepticons where two form the center, two the arms, and two the legs. All other combiners I have were released in 1986 and are made up of four small vehicles and one larger central toy. Those are the Combaticons (Bruticus), Stunticons (Menasor), Protectobots (Defensor), and Aerialbots (Superion). Another Generation 1 combiner set which I do not own are the Predacons (Predaking).
Iron-On Patch

If you view the video at YouTube you can use the timestamps in the description to jump to the individual combiners. However, if you watch it here I'll list the time each one appears next to their name below. Also, if you skip the video let me point out that in the photos I am missing the lower shield piece of Devastator as well as its second hand so I'm using a drill piece in its place. Defensor is slightly incomplete as well because my toy came with duplicate shield pieces rather than one of each type.

I did not scan or photograph every single item. I've included scans of the build instructions and a single package from each combiner set, plus most single Transformers don't have their accessory attachments in the photos. Some of the photos I took on different days and later noticed I had Superion's feet flip flopped at times, including the video's preview image.

Constructicons - Devastator (1:23)

Stunticons - Menasor (9:58)

Combaticons - Bruticus (18:29)

Protectobots - Defensor (26:08)

Aerialbots - Superion (33:49)

Sizing Them Up (40:27)
The final few minutes takes a look at the height of the combiners. I only stand them facing the camera in the video though I have some side photos here.

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