Saturday, June 15, 2019

Gaming Ads: Sony Imagesoft

When I posted the CSG Imagesoft ads I basically wrote the brief history of Sony Imagesoft so I'll be repeating that here. CBS/Sony Group started as a collaboration for music publishing and that company would eventually become Sony Music Entertainment. It's entry into video games was named CSG Imagesoft which began in 1989 though it only published three games under that name. In 1991 Sony founded Sony Electronic Entertainment (SEE) and since CSG Imagesoft would now operate under SEE it was renamed to Sony Imagesoft. Once the PlayStation was a reality Sony would focus on publishing games for its own platform and Sony Imagesoft merged with Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), and parts of both companies became Sony Interactive Studios America and later 989 Studios (and sort of 989 Sports).

Sony Imagesoft albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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