Saturday, November 9, 2019

Gaming Ads: Tradewest

Founded in 1985 (or '86 depending on the source) by John Rowe (of SNK), Leland Cook, and his son Byron Cook, Tradewest was based in Texas. It started out as a manufacturer of arcade games but within a couple years it moved to publishing console games. In 1987 it purchased Cinematronics (Dragon's Lair) and renamed it The Leland Corporation which is a name you can see in the fine print of some of the ads, and on later ads it's called Leland Interactive Media. WMS Industries acquired Tradewest in 1994 and renamed it Williams Entertainment. Tradewest published a lot of well known games, such as the NES version of Double Dragon, Battletoads games from Rare, and the arcade ports of the Super Off Road series.

Tradewest albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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