Sunday, November 24, 2019

Year 3: November Update

As I write this I've not made a new toy video this month, sorry! They are very time consuming and the last two I attempted didn't work out because the items I chose are broken. One is the Hot Wheels set Wipeout where the foam pads in the car launchers are crumbling and can't launch the cars strongly enough. The other is for a game called Electronic Detective that sometimes turns on but the audio is not working at all. I may do brief blog posts about one or both without a video since I already set up the Hot Wheels track and took photos. My next idea for a video will probably be about Star Wars.

Speaking of Star Wars, which I do often, I've been playing the new game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It has received very high praise from the press and I like it but I'm not quite as high on it. The game looks great and the sound effects are Star Wars which means it sounds great as well, and lightsabers are always cool. However, I'm having a hard time caring about the story or the characters. I believe I've mentioned before I'm not a fan of having digitized actors in games which this game has. I'd rather see a more original hero or be able to create my own. Also, the majority of the settings thus far are in remote locations where there are typically a lack of other characters, aside from Imperial troops and creatures.

The game play is more comparable to an Uncharted or Tomb Raider game, with lots of climbing, swinging, shimmying, wall running, and crossing beams. You do get action sequences in between the exploration and minor puzzles but no space combat and after 15+ hours I don't expect any. Of course, it's more fun once you get all the Force powers but that can take a while and the game sends you back to the same areas multiple times. It's more than possible I'm a bit burned out on games right now and don't want to be negative, and certainly do appreciate having a single-player Star Wars game. Also, it's tough to take good action screenshots on the PS4 as they tend to blur.

In the past I've mentioned The Toys That Made Us a few times. It's an original show only on Netflix though the first two seasons are available on home video. I bring it up since the third season debuted this month. Unfortunately, I do not subscribe to Netflix or any service actually so I cannot see it but if you can you should. Of course, since I don't subscribe to anything I also can't watch The Mandalorian (more Star Wars!) which debuted this month exclusively on Disney+. Since I didn't say enough about Star Wars yet, something I did see recently is the first season of the animated show Star Wars Resistance. It's first and foremost a kid's show so don't expect it to be Rebels. The main setting is a somewhat boring station surrounded by water which I'd say is the worst aspect. However, the way it ended makes season two appear as if it will be more appealing, and I think overall it's fun for kids. Most of the characters are new though Poe Dameron shows up once in a while and BB-8 is in it a bunch. The second and already final season is airing now.

Okay, that's probably enough Star Wars. Not too much else is going on other than just trying to find time to get everything done. I did post about Shenmue and plan to start Shenmue III next. That Shenmue post doesn't look like much but when you take into account having to flip through magazines, scan them, edit, and put the post together, that was around an eight hour project. I've got the rest of the ad posts written which consists of 12 more. After that I'll backtrack a bit to fill in some publishers I now have ads for and then post ads under some other gaming categories. Maybe I will also get the ads uploaded in another location too. Otherwise, the ad posts will be ending in a few months which means I probably won't be posting too often next year.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays and shopping season if you're into that, and thanks for reading!


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