Saturday, January 11, 2020

Gaming Ads: VIC Tokai

VIC Tokai is a Japanese telecommunications company founded in 1977 as Yaizu Cablevision before changing its name in 1978. VIC was short for Video Information Center but today stands for Valuable Information & Communication. While it is still in business today, the company is no longer involved in video games. It released its first game in 1986 and opened a U.S. branch in 1988 before abandoning games completely in 1998. The Japanese studio developed and published games with the U.S. division only publishing but some of its games had other publishers in North America as well, such as Psycho Fox and Decap Attack which were published by Sega of America. VIC Tokai also made some Game Boy accessories and heavily advertised the Light Boy which can be seen in my Nintendo Game Boy post here.

VIC Tokai albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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