Saturday, January 18, 2020

Gaming Ads: Video System USA and Backfilling #13

Video System was a Japanese developer and publisher founded in the mid-'80s and closed in the early 2000s. I've not found too much detailed information on this company though I did write on Mc O'River previously which was the first name it published games under in North America. It switched to Video System USA in 1997 but it never released very many games in the U.S.

I've only got two ads for Video System so I'm going to do a little backfilling and this will be the last time I combine backfilling with a publisher. Therefore, I'll upload what I currently have which covers Acclaim, LucasArts, Midway, Philips, and SNK. Only four more publishers remain alphabetically for this project that I began about five years ago, though I may need to work backwards to add a few more publishers.

Video System USA albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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