Sunday, January 12, 2020

[YouTube] LEGO Futuron Monorail Transport System

Released in 1987, the LEGO Futuron Monorail Transport System (#6990) is a space-themed set that, according to Brickipedia, retailed for $155. Along with the 9-volt battery-powered monorail train, users can build a couple small stations and land vehicle. There are 10 pieces of track included that can be arranged in a variety of ways, and additional track pieces could be purchased separately. It also includes five mini-figures, three yellow and two blue. The Futuron mini-figures are slightly different than the standard space astronauts as their chest part is half white.

This is a really nice set even if you aren't a fan of space. Using the motor portion and wheel parts from this set, and bricks from another LEGO theme, one could easily build any type of train to place on the tracks. Also, normally I try to photograph and scan everything but I'm going to skip scanning the full 28-page manual. I've got cover and backs scans, plus a photo of the 4-page fold out portion. The photos don't have the best lighting as most of it is artificial and the length of the set makes getting some good shots tricky. I did try a few dark photos as well as messed around with shooting shadows.

UPDATE: After I posted this I realized I had the contents in the box mixed up. Not sure how I missed that when filming but the cardboard tray should be on the left side and the plastic tray to the right, or the box lid should be flipped around.

Additional Box Shots & Documents

The Monorail

Mini-Figures & Vehicles

Into the Dark

The Shadows

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