Sunday, February 16, 2020

Selchow & Righter Booklet

When I've been slow to get any new non-ads posts up I look for something quick like a small toy booklet as I did with Cadaco last April. I was going to make a video about Matchbox Cascade today but I found that it's another electronic toy that no longer works. Aside from the battery not powering it, the motor wasn't even connected from what I could see even though I thought it worked last time I tried it. While digging around the basement I found a couple of these Selchow & Righter booklets. Perhaps not a memorable name in board games like a Milton Bradley or Parker Brothers but it did make the popular Parcheesi and owned the Scrabble property for a time. The company was founded by E.G. Selchow in 1867 and was renamed in 1880 after partnering with John Righter. Coleco obtained the rights to its games in 1986 and after it went bankrupt Hasbro purchased its assets in 1989.

There are many Scrabble products pictured, one of which is an electronic game (Sensor) that I do own but haven't tried turning it on in decades. I've also still got the Alphabet Game and Parcheesi though they may be going soon as I continue to clear out my board games.

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