Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Cadaco Booklet

I'm in the process of trying to lessen the amount of stuff I have and board games are one of the things that has to go. Some have a bit of a musty smell so I probably can't donate them which means the trash even though I hate to do that. Not too sure anyone would really want board games even in donations as I did try to sell some for a buck or two at a garage sale and saw no interest. I just never play board games these days and if I do play one it would likely be Scrabble. Anyway, I am removing items like some small pieces and booklets, such as the one I have here. This Cadaco ad was pulled from Adverteasing which is the only game listed that I've played. Some of these are board games and a couple are games of skill. Oh Nuts! certainly looks amusing and that chicken game reminds me a bit of a Tomy game I've got with electronic parts that no longer work.

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