Sunday, March 8, 2020

[YouTube] G.I. Joe Color-Vue Pencil by Number

If you're reading this you can probably skip the video as it is primarily showing the images that are scanned below. These are three color-by-number boxed sets released by Hasbro in 1984 that it calls Color-Vue Pencil by Number. Every set includes six images and three pencils that are each split between two colors. The box covers feature Duke, Storm Shadow (or simply Ninja as the box refers to him), and Zartan. While those characters do appear on the most images within their respective sets, many other characters get images to themselves as well.

I had to photograph the boxes and because I use a wide angle lens and am not perfect at lining up the camera, there may be some distortions in those images. Both the boxes and papers were too large for my scanner but I did scan the art. One side of a border on each is almost completely cut off and five of the images were colored by my sister and myself back in the '80s.


Ninja (Storm Shadow)


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