Monday, March 30, 2020

The Konix Multi-System

Do you remember the Konix Multi-System? Although I read all my video game magazines cover-to-cover when I was younger, I'd long forgotten about its existence, or almost existence I should say. Based in the U.K., Konix started as an accessory manufacturer that was likely never too well known in the U.S. at the time though it did create the controller that Epyx sold as the 500XJ. In the late '80s the folks at Konix had some big ideas for a game console that used diskettes, so more or less a computer. The Multi-System appears to have been targeting racing and flight simulation fans with the built-in wheel/yoke, and was meant to bring the complete arcade experience home thanks to a motorized chair accessory. After reading these old articles again it sounds as if it was nearly ready to go but it never did release. Despite what was likely a large investment that didn't pay off, Konix is still in business today as it continues to make a variety of gaming accessories.

The primary article below is an interview with Konix president Wyn Holloway (and a bit with Jeff Minter) from Video Games & Computer Entertainment that was published in the November 1989 issue. Beyond that, I scanned any mention of the Konix Multi-System I came across which consists of only three other articles. If I happen to find others I'll add them to this post at a later date. I'm including the full articles even if the Multi-System is just a small part of them so you can read some coverage on systems from NEC, Nintendo, Sega, and Atari as well. The one-page article from Electronic Gaming Monthly #2 has a paragraph about a handheld system from Epyx. If you're unfamiliar with that it is what released as the Atari Lynx. Also, that same page states that "Namco has a machine comparable to the Super Famicom (Super NES) almost completed..." which I know nothing about other than it was never released.

Video Games & Computer Entertainment (November 1989)

Electronic Gaming Monthly (1989)

EGM #2
EGM #4

Electronic Gaming Monthly (#6 - January 1990)

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