Saturday, August 13, 2022

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash

Like the Hot Wheels Wipout set I posted about in 2019, the Criss Cross Crash (1978) car launcher is suffering from old, crumbling foam so I opted not to record a video. Users rotate a steering wheel that spins a foam pad to launch a car around the track when it's working. Unfortunately, that foam doesn't hold up forever and over time it loses the force needed to be of any use. By comparison, this track is smaller than Wipeout's oval, it has a figure eight layout and no loops. As the name indicates, the design is meant to cause crashes where the tracks overlap. In the photos you'll see I am missing one small, yellow stand for the elevated track where the sign is displayed. The cars are a bit beat up as well, likely from crashing into one another. Also, when I opened this box I found the instructions to the Hot Wheels Service Center Foldaway Garage so I scanned them and updated that 2017 post.

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