Sunday, August 21, 2022

Meet the Father of Video Gaming (Video Games & Computer Entertainment - June 1991)

This is an article about Ralph Baer (1922-2014) from the June 1991 issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment. It's a good read, especially if you aren't familiar with Baer, though the page color isn't the best choice so make sure to view the scans at their largest resolution. I never played the Magnavox Odyssey, nor the Odyssey 2, though I did have the opportunity to view and handle an Odyssey with its original packaging. The system requires taping translucent plastic overlays to a television screen to act as a game's graphics with players controlling a dot in each game. For example, there were backgrounds that represented ping pong, skiing, and a haunted house. A light gun accessory was also available for the console that was manufactured by Nintendo before it had entered the video game market, though it had begun making electronic toys in the early '70s. 

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