Saturday, December 21, 2019

Hot Wheels Wipeout Side-by-Side Raceway

Mattel's Hot Wheels Wipeout raceway is a typical oval shape that is more than six feet long with two drive wheels and two loops attached to it. Track pieces have yellow stripes to match the yellow Mustang and orange stripes for the orange Corvette. It is intended to be played by two people with each one operating the boost controls that feature a wheel that needs to be rotated quickly to build up enough power to launch a Hot Wheels car around the track. During the action the cars move from the inside to the outside and vice versa via the loops so they are never on the same track and cannot hit one another as they do in the Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash set. 

This is a toy I wanted to make a video of but the drive wheels don't work well enough any longer so there wouldn't be anything in the video that cannot be seen in photos. Inside of the wheel accessories are two foam pads that spin but the foam can deteriorate which is what happened to mine so while they launch the cars, they are not strong enough to get them into and around the loops. When a car goes through the boost control tunnel the foam crumbles more resulting in little black bits being spread along the track. As you can see in the photos some of the stickers also came off of one of the turns. On the front of the box is a price tag indicating $11.99 which I believe is a discounted price. Also, unfortunately, my instruction sheet is torn with a chunk missing. 


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