Saturday, September 2, 2017

Gaming Ads: Digital Image Design, Digital Pictures, and DigiTek

Digital Image Design (DID) was founded in 1989 by Martin Kenwright and Phillip Allsopp, and was originally named Piercingautomatic Limited. Based in the UK, the majority of its games were flight simulators and the company even developed simulation software for the British military. In 1996 DID's publisher Ocean Software was taken over by Infogrames and that led to Infogrames' eventual acquisition of DID. Following the acquisition the founders and other key employees left the company to form Evolution Studios which went on to make a number of racing titles for Sony and is now owned by Codemasters.

Digital Pictures was an American company founded in 1991 and is best known for its numerous full-motion video games. Full-motion games are those that resemble movies in that they are video productions with actors and typically offer players limited control. Most of Digital Pictures' games were released for the Sega CD, and some also appeared on the 3DO, Sega Saturn, and home computers. While not its best game, Night Trap is Digital Pictures' first release and best known game as it was often mentioned alongside Mortal Kombat during political hearings that led to the eventual creation of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, or ESRB. Although Digital Pictures closed in 1996, Night Trap recently received a 25th anniversary edition digitally from developer Screaming Villains and a physical release from publisher Limited Run Games.

DigiTek was a Florida-based publisher that released computer games between 1988 and 1992. That's all I can find about this DigiTek. There is an Ohio-based company called Digitek Software that was founded in 1994 and is still in business but appears to be completely unrelated. Since it took the name in 1994 I can only assume the game publisher was already defunct.

Digital Pictures albums: Facebook - Google Photos
DigiTek albums: Facebook - Google Photos

After leaving Flickr I opted to group publishers with a single ad in the same album so Digital Image Design no longer has its own album but its one ad does appear on this page.

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