Sunday, September 10, 2017

Two-Minute Drill

Today is the first Sunday of the 2017 NFL season that kicked off last Thursday night. There were numerous football video games released in the '80s and '90s but I didn't have time to do a large project and this is very last minute. I've posted a YouTube video today of the Sega Master System's Walter Payton Football as well and was able to find a review of that game from GamePro that I've included here. While I hope to put together something more complete for the Madden series in the future, this time around I was only able to scan a couple reviews of John Madden Football '92 for the Sega Genesis along with its main competitor that year, Joe Montana II: Sports Talk Football. Lastly is a review from Video Games & Computer Entertainment (VG&CE) for John Elway's Quarterback on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

GamePro - February 1990

Game Informer - Jan/Feb 1992

Game Informer - Jan/Feb 1992

VG&CE - August 1989
Electronic Gaming Monthly #30

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