Saturday, September 9, 2017

September Update

I put this image together a long time ago; just updated the
date. I selected games published by Sega and games that
 are a good representation of the unique offerings that can
be found on the console. 
It's time for another monthly update and boy have I been busy so I should probably keep this brief. As I mentioned on social media earlier today it's the 18th anniversary of the Dreamcast, Sega's final console. I originally wanted to do an unboxing of that console for today even though I'm certain there are plenty of videos out there and I'm sure most people know all about the console. I got hung up on the Sega CD and 32X video though as my Sega CD won't power on. The blog post and photos are all set for those platforms but I'd like to at least be able to power it on during a video even if I don't play it then. My plan is to repair the Sega CD, as well as the Game Gear and Game Boy. I got a soldering iron a couple weeks ago but finding the time to attempt that has been a problem (I've never soldered so I need to learn too). Making videos really takes a huge chunk of some weekends even though I haven't posted many. What happens is I often have to film them multiple times until I get one that I'm at least somewhat satisfied enough with. Last weekend's Hot Wheels video had some problems but I stuck together two of the parts and called it a day after filming both parts at least three or four times each over multiple days.

After taking yesterday off from work I've spent many hours Friday and today trying to get a recording of a Sega Master System game finalized. After four complete videos I still don't have the audio fixed. Audio always seems to be the problem as I struggled with it a lot when trying to get a microphone to work with my camera during my very first video. Then I wasn't pleased with the PlayStation 4 (PS4) lapel mic when making gameplay videos. The last PS4 video was made with the Sony Platinum Wireless Stereo Headset that works well enough with the PS4, though it does pick up the gamepad button noises. Now I've been trying to use the headset with recording software on the PC and while my voice comes across perfectly fine, there are clicking noises that I can't nail down (might actually be the buttons on the headset rattling). They occur even when I'm not hitting buttons so it's not the game controller. I did try a couple wired PC headsets but they cause a constant background hiss similar to what I dealt with on my first video.

Used skilled jumping to reach a high vantage point for
some advertising of the blog in Everybody's Golf.

I hit the cart button which makes the screenshot look a
bit more silly. 

It goes without saying I'm very frustrated and losing my mind as every weekend flies by while I spend many, many hours trying to get everything just right. I'll keep trying though and the retro game videos are coming soon. It's getting late today and I still haven't had a chance to look up football game reviews so I don't know if I can make that happen for the first Sunday of the NFL season tomorrow. I know that's not hugely important but I thought it would go nice with the gameplay video I'm also trying to get done for tomorrow. Since my last update I've played some Everybody's Golf as you may have noticed if you follow the YouTube channel. I also played through Uncharted: The Lost Legacy twice and the Longshot mode of the latest Madden so I've got some gaming in. Here are a few images from Uncharted's photo mode:

Next week I'll have a short post about Metroid II for Game Boy as Nintendo readies a re-imagining of that game for release on September 15th. Next month I hope to make at least one or two toy videos with my nephew who will be in town. He's six now and I've not seen him in more than two years; he lives far away and I have not traveled in a long time. He likes making his own videos with my sister's phone so I think he'd be thrilled to be in one of my videos. Of course, when family is in town my time will be limited even more. This post wasn't exactly brief but I did type it fairly fast and shall now start flipping through magazines for a quick football game reviews article. Thanks again for reading the blog and subscribing on YouTube!


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