Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back NES Reviews

JVC's The Empire Strikes Back for the Nintendo Entertainment System wasn't far behind its release based on the first Star Wars movie. Star Wars released in October 1991 while The Empire Strikes Back hit stores in March 1992. With such a close release it's not surprising that the two games have different developers; Star Wars is by Beam Software and Empire by Sculptured Software.

I've got reviews from GamePro and Electronic Gaming Monthly, and their review scores are quite different from one another. GamePro's Slo Mo, who also reviewed Star Wars, rated The Empire Strikes Back nearly perfect with only sound falling short of a 5 out of 5. Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM), on the other hand, was not very happy with the game. EGM has four writers per review, though they don't have a lot of space to express their opinions. It sounds like EGM finds the game technically impressive but bogged down by platform jumping and a lack of consistent action.

GamePro - March 1992

EGM #31

Although Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Return of the Jedi never did. Instead JVC only released a "Super" version for Super NES (1994), Game Boy (1995), and Game Gear (1995). Return of the Jedi released when I have gaps in my magazine collection and I couldn't find any reviews of it. Therefore, I won't have a review post for that game but I do have a preview from EGM that I'll put right here.

EGM #61

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