Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sega Days

Stickers of Sega's arcade game Turbo.
This week I'm going to be focusing heavily on Sega. As described in the About section, the blog began as a video game ads project and as I proceed alphabetically by publisher it's finally time to post the Sega ads. Seeing as how significant video games have been in my life and in particular Sega during my childhood, I wanted to do more than simply post its ads. The plan is to have a new Sega-related post every day this week starting with this one. Here are some Sega highlights from the first two years of this blog:
This week there will be three of my usual ads posts which feature company overviews with a sampling of ads. All of the ads are now being posted at the Vault 1541 Facebook page as there are far too many to pack into a single blog post. If you are new to the blog, the ads were once posted at Flickr where they looked great and were easier to manage but a fee came into play this year that I would not have been able to keep up with over time. I still use that account on a smaller scale which you can access by clicking on the Flickr Albums button above. Unfortunately, the Facebook albums won't stay in alphabetical order so it is best to follow the blog post links directly to each album. The schedule for this week:
  • Monday: Sega Game Ads
  • Tuesday: Sega CD (post + unboxing video)
  • Wednesday: Sega Multi-Game and Hardware Ads
  • Thursday: Sega 32X (post + unboxing video)
  • Friday: Letters From Sega (post + video)
  • Saturday: SegaSoft Ads
I do have a few things for today. First up are scans of Sega's Consumers' Guide. This is a booklet that was available to pick up at retailers in 1993. It's basically trying to educate people about games and convince them to buy Sega products. There is also a small section on Sega's ratings system that was created before the ESRB.

I've also uploaded a Sega Master System commercial to the Vault 1541 YouTube channel today:
Lastly, here are some random Sega scans that don't fit well with the regular ads:

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