Saturday, April 27, 2019

Gaming Ads: SETA U.S.A. and Shiny Entertainment

SETA, which is short for Super Entertainment and Total Amusement, was a Japanese company founded in the early '80s that released its first game in 1985. It was involved in the development or publishing of more than 40 games before being acquired by Aruze in 1999, exiting the game industry in 2004, and closing in 2009. SETA U.S.A. was based in Las Vegas and published its first game, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It released just over a dozen games through 1995; all of its games were for Nintendo platforms.

Shiny Entertainment was founded in 1993 by David Perry. It's best known for the Earthworm Jim series that can be seen in ads from publisher Playmates Interactive Entertainment. Other popular games from Shiny include the original MDK, Messiah, and Sacrifice. Infogrames acquired Shiny in 2002 and had it develop a couple games based on The Matrix films. Shiny was sold to Foundation 9 Entertainment in 2006 and merged with The Collective in 2007 with the result being Double Helix Games. While Shiny is gone, Double Helix Games was acquired by in 2014 and is still in business.

SETA U.S.A. albums: Facebook - Google Photos
Shiny Entertainment albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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