Friday, October 25, 2019

Year 3: October Update

I sound like a broken record every month but I did not get enough done again! I'm hardly gaming but also hardly getting any videos done. It's just life I suppose as I try to take care of more important things. Next year could be challenging as I'm leaning heavily toward starting another YouTube project that will be very time consuming. It would be an attempt to have a successful channel I can monetize, however, it probably won't be unique enough. Either way I'm not going to quit Vault 1541 and that other channel would be a one year experiment that only applies to 2020. If I do that I need to purchase a Nintendo Switch soon so I've been thinking about it quite a bit. Other than that, it's almost Halloween. Personally I don't typically celebrate any holidays lately but I try to relate something on the blog or Facebook to them when I can. I'll have one magazine game reviews post that day which sounds Halloween-ish despite having nothing to do with the holiday. I'm still trying to think of a good video to make this weekend if I have the time.

Sometimes I jot down notes throughout the month of what to write about in these updates. I have none for this month so I'm probably going to miss some things. The biggest game news was probably the announcement that Red Dead Redemption 2 is releasing for PC (November 5th). A number of what were to be early 2020 releases, such as The Last of Us: Part II and Watch Dogs: Legion, have recently been delayed. It was officially stated that the next PlayStation console is to be called the PlayStation 5 to nobody's surprise. Two big games release today -- The Outer Worlds and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare -- both of which I'll play eventually. We're less than a month away from Google launching the streaming game service Stadia. That should be interesting to observe though it will probably take some time to catch on if it does manage to.

New York Comic Con took place in October so there were new action figures unveiled from all the usual suspects. Of course, there will be new Star Wars, Transformers, and superhero toys, including a Stan Lee action figure. Honestly, I don't really keep up on the latest toys since I have too much stuff as it is and cannot collect any longer but I do like looking at them and try to add a few bits of current toy news here and there to the blog. Nothing will ever compare to the '80s since that is when I was a kid and this blog is obviously powered by my nostalgia. That said, here is a link to a video from Toy Insider of what is considered top toy trends this holiday season. If you're anything like me most of what is in the video won't appeal to you (no action figures!), though there is a very brief mention of retro arcade cabinets and Tamagotchi toys (popular in the '90s). If you have young children and $399.99 to spare then perhaps you might want that riding unicorn...

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