Sunday, December 13, 2020

[YouTube] Star Trek Generations' Enterprise NCC-1701-D

In a previous blog post about the video game ads by Playmates, I wrote a bit about the toy company which was founded in 1966. It produced quite a few Star Trek toys during the height of The Next Generation (TNG) show's popularity, including 4.5" action figures and ships, even a Borg cube, from multiple Star Trek shows. This toy is based on the same Trek timeline as TNG but the design is from the seventh Star Trek film, Generations, that released in 1994. In the film the Enterprise takes a beating from a Klingon Bird of Prey helmed by the Duras sisters, forcing Riker to evacuate the crew by detaching the saucer section before a warp core breach occurs. While the toy's saucer doesn't detach, it does feature scorch marks and two panels that pop off revealing damage that lights up. Three "AA" batteries power the toy that also has light up Bussard hydrogen collectors and warp engine nacelles, plus there are photon torpedo, explosion, and warning sound effects.

Unfortunately, the deflector does not light up nor do any weapon locations. The scorch marks look a bit odd to me as well though it makes sense for the movie and it could be fun when playing with multiple toy ships. A stand is included making it easy to display and it also comes with a small movie poster and not-so-detailed blueprint. You'll notice in the video and in my photos that I never applied the decals. I purchased the toy on clearance while working at Toy Works in 1995 and its primarily been kept in its box. I've not been able to locate the original MSRP though I'd guess it would have been in the $19.99 range.

Parts & Documentation
The poster is a little big for my scanner so about a quarter inch got cut off.

I also threw together a quick Photoshop image of the toy in space. When I say quick I do mean I didn't put too much effort into it like I did with the Millennium Falcon and Fisher-Price toys. The photo I used had it attached to the stand so it looks a bit awkward where I had to remove the stand from the image digitally.

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