Saturday, December 19, 2020

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Games

This is the second of three Star Trek posts this month if I manage to complete the third one which happens to be the inspiration for this month's theme. There have been a variety of Star Trek games, most of which released in the 1990s when Star Trek: The Next Generation was quite popular. I'm focusing on the 25th anniversary releases for PC, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and Game Boy in this post, none of which I've ever played. Also, as the game title indicates, these games feature the crew from the original television series. I'll start with an article from Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) issue #30 (January 1992) which actually has a preview of the film Star Trek VI, and then there are a few pages covering the NES and Game Boy releases. The games were already released at this point but they aren't previews or reviews, simply a write-up on each one. After that there are review scans of the NES and Game Boy versions from GamePro and a review of the PC game from Video Games & Computer Entertainment. 

Electronic Gaming Monthly


October 1991
February 1992

Video Games & Computer Entertainment

July 1992

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