Sunday, March 17, 2024

X-Men Advertisements

Continuing the X-Men coverage with a post of all ads. Seeing as how the blog began as a game ads project, I decided to put every ad featuring the X-Men I have in one place. Along with video game ads, I've got other product ads, some that also appear on the Vault 1541 Facebook page where I upload various things like food, apparel, and trading card ads. Even if they aren't specifically X-Men ads, I'll include scans of ads with X-Men characters, like Wolverine, too.

Non-Game Products

Video Games

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  1. bravo, fantastic game ads, and some very sentimental games... It's getting hard to believe that a lot of this stuff is nearing 3 decades old. X-men COTA is a game that I still need for Saturn, but I hesitate to purchase a game for over a 100 bucks. I already bought the game once when new. But it's such an important and fun Saturn game.