Sunday, March 10, 2024

It's-a-Mario Day!

Abbreviate March to "Mar" and view the number 10 as "IO" and March 10th or "Mar10" becomes "Mario" and thus, it is Nintendo's Mario Day. I don't believe I've ever actually posted anything for this day in the past so I flipped through some magazines to find coverage of Mario games. Below are reviews of Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario All-Stars, and Mario RPG from Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM), and a review of Super Mario Bros. 2 from Video Games & Computer Entertainment. As I often do with EGM reviews, I copied the review over to page one of the reviews section so that you can see who assigned each score. I'm also including a preview of Mario & Wario, a Super NES game planned for the West that ended up never releasing outside of Japan.

As I've stated numerous times, I grew up with Sega platforms so I'm not too much of a Mario fan, though I did get a Game Boy in 1989 and own a variety of games where Mario makes an appearance, like Alleyway, Golf, and Baseball. Super Mario Land is the only Mario game I own and the only one I've completed, though I have tried quite a few others. If you're a Mario fan you might want to check out the Shigeru Miyamoto interviews post as well.


Mario & Wario Preview (EGM #50 - September 1993)

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