Tuesday, March 19, 2024

X-Men on Television

Today's X-Men post is from Wizard magazine and TV Guide, plus a bonus YouTube clip from another channel I run. Wizard dedicated a special issue to the X-Men's 30th Anniversary in 1993 and while the issue has a lot of articles, I only scanned the one about television since I'm posting X-Men coverage to coincide with the debut of the new animated show X-Men '97. It doesn't have many images but it is an interesting read as it discusses all of the Marvel Comics mutants' appearances on TV before 1993 and how the 1990's animated series struggled to find a home. The article from TV Guide is about a 1996 television movie based on the Generation X comic book that spun off from the X-Men in 1994. Reviews of the movie are on the poor side and I don't recall if I ever saw it, but I don't think I did.

TV Guide - February 17, 1996

Inside Edition (1993)
This is a story that the show Inside Edition ran about the animated series not long after its debut. I may have recorded over the very end though, I'm not too sure if I only cut off Professors X's dialog or something more. 

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