Monday, March 18, 2024

[YouTube] X-Men 1990's Action Figures

Both the X-Men comic book and animated series were quite popular during the '90s which led to numerous X-Men-branded toys and other products being produced. Some of those included Micro Machines, trading cards, playing cards, yo-yos, Colorforms, board games, video games, and action figures, of course. Toy Biz made the most of its partnership with Marvel that began in 1990, even becoming part of the Marvel empire in a 1993 deal. Throughout the '90s it released a variety of X-Men, X-Force, and some other "X" character action figures and accessories. This is by no means a comprehensive look at what Toy Biz made, just at the X-Men action figures I collected, plus a Bend-Em! To save time I did take group photos for many of them.



Generation X


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