Sunday, October 4, 2020

[YouTube] G.I. Joe Headquarters Command Center

This is the first of hopefully four G.I. Joe videos this month. Only two will have blog posts though as the others will be game videos if I manage to get them done. I've been meaning to do more G.I. Joe coverage and since there is a new video game out October 13th I decided to do a few now. The Snake Eyes movie was also originally going to release this month but it got pushed back a year due to the virus. My previous G.I. Joe posts include a discussion of video games, Shrinky Dinks, and color-by-numbers. There are some G.I. Joe images in the May 2020 blog update as well though up until this point no toy coverage. Part of that is I don't really know what to show that hasn't already been done but then I guess nearly everything on the blog and YouTube channel can be found elsewhere online too.

1983 G.I. Joe Catalog

Cobra actually received a base before the Joes as it got a cardboard Missile Command Headquarters (Sears Exclusive) set in 1982 that included three action figures too. In 1983 the good guys got a much nicer set with the Headquarters Command Center (action figures and vehicles sold separately). Of course, Cobra would get the Terror Drome in 1986 which is quite large and more detailed and includes a figure and vehicle. The HQ Command Center is the only primary home base set of the '80s for G.I. Joe but the U.S.S. Flagg (1985) and Mobile Command Center (1987) could both act as an HQ.

It is simple to put together with a number of wall pieces that slide into place and is sturdy overall, however, some of the clips on pieces can easily break. It has one big central part with a forward gun, communications area, jail with two beds, and storage space for action figure accessories. On each side of that are the motor pool with a raiseable platform that can hold a four-wheeled vehicle and the supply depot that a tank or another vehicle can park in, plus it has a storage bay for file cards. There is also a separate helipad that the Dragonfly can land on. Unfortunately, my antenna and flag are missing in action so the photos are not quite complete. I also had a hard time photographing this toy.

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  1. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to cancel video two because the G.I. Joe Commodore 64 disk isn't working. Side one works so I can select a character but side two won't load. Also, I tried replacing my video signal converter that was breaking during the Carmen Sandiego video but for some reason the new one will not convert the C64 signal, though it does work with other signals. In this HQ video I mentioned Stalker's arm broke but failed to mention Rock N Roll broke as well! That one I did purchase second hand two years ago so I didn't know the condition and what broke was actually the o-ring hook. I guess it was corroded from oxidation. It has been a rough week. Onto video three which is another toy related one and hopefully nothing breaks this time.