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Six Days of Sonic: Day 2

Sega Visions - Summer 1991
As I mentioned in the Day 1 post, Sonic the Hedgehog released in June 1991 and was instantly a hit. The game has a likable character, looks great, and moves at super speeds. While the Genesis originally had the rather slow moving Altered Beast as a pack-in title, Sega smartly replaced that game with Sonic the Hedgehog. Initially I was going to stick to only the Genesis coverage but I've included a Master System and a couple Game Gear articles below.

In the Sega Visions preview from Day 1 they mentioned they'd have a full review of Sonic in the next issue. Well, I have that issue and the article reads more like a statement of facts. While a number score isn't necessary for a review, opinions are. As far as numbers go though, the magazine didn't assign review scores until May/June 1992.

Sega Visions - Summer 1991

All of the other magazines did use numerical scores, however, and Sonic the Hedgehog received no less than an eight in any category and a couple perfect scores. I've got review scans for GamePro, Video Games & Computer Entertainment (VG&CE), and Electronic Gaming Monthly's Sega-only magazine Mega Play.

GamePro - June 1991

VG&CE- June 1991

Mega Play - July/August 1991

The remaining scans are of Sega Visions' coverage for the Sega Master System and Game Gear releases, and Game Gear reviews from Electronic Gaming Monthly and Video Games & Computer Entertainment.

Sega Visions - Winter 91/92

Sega Visions - Winter 91/92

VG&CE - January 1992
Electronic Gaming Monthly #31

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