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[YouTube] Sega Genesis


Sega Genesis - Retro Camera Setting
The Sega Genesis released on August 14, 1989 in North America (1988 in Japan and 1990 in Europe), three years after the Sega Master System and two years before the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It cost $199.99 and included the game Altered Beast as the pack-in which was replaced in 1991 with Sonic the Hedgehog. Although Nintendo continued to outperform Sega in Japan, Sega's strong marketing campaigns helped the Genesis match or perform better than Nintendo in North America and Europe.

I consider the Genesis to be my favorite console because of a great game library -- though I spent too much time on sports games -- and in part the time period in which it released. I was 14 at the time and played the console throughout my high school years and a bit into college before I cut back on gaming and started getting into computers. Aside from the sports titles, some of my favorite games include Golden Axe, Phantasy Star II, and Warsong. I bought a lot of first-party games and a lot of EA Sports titles. In the early '90s video stores had large game rental sections and I took advantage of that as I rented dozens of games.

Sega Genesis - Launch System
Sega Genesis - Back of Box

For this video I didn't talk too much about the Sega CD or 32X as I plan on doing a separate video for those. I will mention that the Sega CD released in 1992 and the 32X in 1994 which increased the Genesis' capabilities and increased the game library but likely did more harm than good, at least the 32X did. In the video I did show a lot of accessories but one that I never purchased is the Sega Menacer which is its light gun peripheral. Light gun games didn't appeal to me too much past the Master System as the only other light gun that I own is for the Saturn which I bought because my Saturn included Virtua Cop 2 (and I don't think I actually even used the gun once I got it). The Menacer released in 1992 with a cartridge containing six (small) games for $59.99. There really aren't too many light gun games available for the Genesis and Konami's Lethal Enforcers doesn't support the Menacer, instead requiring players to use Konami's own Justifier light gun.

Sega Power Strip - Great for when you need to plug in
multiple massive AC adapters.

Some of the photos do make the items look dirty but that's largely due to the lighting and condition of the items. I did wipe off the dust as best I could and the dry sweat (gross!) and yet it still looks like that stuff is there. The retro camera setting in particular makes things look yellow. There are also scratches and random marks on the hardware, and some of the boxes aren't in the best condition. I scanned two pages of the Genesis manual, one showing the items included in the box and one discussing the stereo sound.

Sega Genesis Manual - Page 3
Sega Genesis Manual - Page 13

Power Base Converter
Power Base Converter Manual - Pages 3-4

Sega Genesis Cleaning System
Xband Modem - EA Sports 4 Way Play - Game Genie

Sega Genesis Arcade Power Stick
Sega Genesis Arcade Power Stick Instructions

Sega 6 Button Arcade Pad

Sega 6 Button Arcade Pad Instructions

Sega Genesis 6 Button Arcade Stick

Who needs wireless controllers?

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