Thursday, August 3, 2017

[YouTube] Transformers G1: Mirage/Sunstreaker/Sideswipe/Red Alert


The Transformers #7
The Transformers are a result of Hasbro purchasing multiple transforming robot toylines from Japanese company Takara (same company that published Battle Arena Toshinden and other video games) and combing them into one. Hasbro released the first toys, referred to as Generation 1, in 1984 along with a cartoon from Sunbow and a comic book from Marvel that featured the same characters but separate stories.

For my first Transformers video I selected all Autobots: Mirage, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, and Red Alert. As I mention in the video, Mirage was my first Transformer toy and Sideswipe is my favorite, in part because he also represents my favorite car, a red Lamborghini Countach. The others I chose were due to their links to Sideswipe with Sunstreaker being his twin and Red Alert using the same toy mold.

Mirage - Sunstreaker - Sideswipe - Red Alert
Mirage - Sunstreaker - Sideswipe - Red Alert

Mirage - Sunstreaker - Sideswipe - Red Alert

Mirage - Sunstreaker - Sideswipe - Red Alert 

Unfortunately, Mirage suffered a fatality in-between filming, breaking in half at the mid-section but that happens with toys more often than I'd like. Transformers are a little more challenging than other toys to keep in perfect condition due to the moving parts. I'm not really sure what happened with Mirage as I didn't force anything; he must have just been worn out. In the '80s I did play with most of my toys and since then they've primarily sat in boxes and been moved often. For being over 30 years old they have held up rather well, though sometimes it's best to not touch things too much. Although Sunstreaker has a sticker peeling around his front end/foot, most of the stickers are in good condition too.

Sunstreaker with accessories (one of three missiles shown),
instruction booklet, and tech spec card with plastic overlay. 

Sunstreaker instruction booklet front.
Sunstreaker instruction booklet back.

Along with showing the toys and their transformations, being the first video I've made for Transformers I also wanted to show what was included in a typical package. These toys were all packaged in a box while smaller Transformers like Bumblebee were carded. Every toy includes a tech spec card and robot points, and the boxed toys often include one or two booklets, typically a catalog and another containing special offers with an order form. My scanner is a little small for the booklets so I pieced a few together. The catalog booklet I did try to squeeze on the scanner but that did cut a tiny bit off the edges.

Tech Spec cards from the back of the toy packages; they
could use a trim. The Mirage card has a plastic overlay on it.

Robot points appear on the back of every Transformers
toy's packaging.

1984 booklet with art on one side.

1984 booklet with a toy catalog on the reverse side.

Special offers booklet front and back.

Special offers booklet after opening first fold.

Special offers booklet after opening second folds.

Special offers booklet after opening third folds. Here you can
see the cost -- dollars and robot points -- of each toy and VHS
tape. A medium vehicle cost approximately $10.99 at stores. 

If you're interested, I also uploaded some footage of the Transformers: Devastation game today:

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