Friday, August 18, 2017

Six Days of Sonic: Day 6

On the final day of Six Days of Sonic I've chosen to highlight some of Sonic's non-game ads. If you hit the Flickr album button on the blog you can see the game ads I've been uploading every Saturday morning this year. However, since the ads are sorted by publisher and I'm going in alphabetical order it will be a while before I post all of the Sega and the Sonic ads I've got scanned. I'll also be adding non-game ads that are related to gaming like these after all of the publishers have been posted, along with a few other surprises. The Vault 1541 Facebook page does have a few of the following Sonic ads as well as a number of ads unrelated to games, mostly from the '90s.

As I mentioned in the Day 1 post, Sonic's popularity in games led to the character appearing in a number of other places from the early to mid '90s, most notably in the promotion of food products and here are some of the ads for those products:

The Cherry Coke/Sega Sonic Shuttle toured the United States in 1993.

Sonic helped Keebler promote its products with the incentive that Sega
hardware could be won.

Buying Life Savers in 1994 offered a chance
to win Sega prizes and get a $10 rebate with
the purchase of any Sega product.
Guests at a Howard Johnson hotel in 1993
could rent a Game Gear that also included
Sonic comics and toys.
Sargento's MooTown Snacks had a Sonic
giveaway with prizes that ranged from
the Genesis to the Saturn in 1996.
Fruit Roll-Ups with Sonic 3 designs.

Last up are a couple of Sonic Mall ads with a variety of spectacular Sonic products:

What kid didn't want Sonic underwear?
That's one of at least three Sonic slot car sets.

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