Saturday, September 7, 2019

Gaming Ads: Dreamcast

This is a special edition of the typical Saturday magazine ad scans post. If you've not visited the blog before, normally I post ads from 1999 and earlier that are sorted by publisher (albums were originally on Flickr but are now on Facebook). Since the Dreamcast released near the end of 1999 I set any I had come across during my years of scanning aside. Being a Sega fan I knew I'd be doing something for the Dreamcast eventually and the 20th anniversary of the U.S. release is the perfect time for that. I only had a few ads ready up until the end of July when I began going through the Official Dreamcast Magazine and any other video game magazines I have from 2000-2002. This turned into a much larger undertaking than I had expected and took almost all of my free time from the past six weeks to complete.

Part of the problem was the Dreamcast magazine is too large for my scanner so I used a photo copier at work. Scanning only took maybe 10 minutes per issue but I realized later I should have been pushing down on the spine much harder though I really couldn't go back and re-scan them. Many of the ads are two pages and the copier caused some bright vertical lines on each side of the spine which led to a lot of time spent editing.

As always, below is only a sampling of the ads with the rest reachable through the link at the bottom. By the way, this is big one as there are more than 240 ads! Surprisingly, there are no hardware ads showing the console. The only non-game ads from Sega are the "9-9-99" ads before the Dreamcast launched. I guess it didn't advertise the actual console or accessories in print, just the games. Also, the ads on Facebook are arranged by publisher first and then game title, and the few third-party hardware and miscellaneous ads are at the end of the album.

Dreamcast albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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