Saturday, September 28, 2019

Year 3: September Update

Brady Bunch Trading Card
For the blog the big thing this month was, of course, the Dreamcast coverage. Unfortunately, I don't think it drew in too many new fans/followers. This is the third time I did nearly a week's coverage for Sega and it will probably the last time I do that for any topic/theme. It's always a lot of work to put so many posts in a row together and none of them have been too popular. Not that they need to be as I do this for fun and to hopefully bring some enjoyment to others. However, as I've said many times in the past, I'm just not great at getting the word out there. In nearly three years I've never reached 20 followers on Twitter or 30 on Facebook! That's disappointing but what can you do. I actually thought those platforms would have more reach than YouTube and yet that's not the case at all.

After the Dreamcast anniversary passed I needed a rest so I've not done a whole since then. I continue to play less and less new games too though I did manage to finish Remedy's latest game Control. It's an interesting game that frustrated me on more than a few occasions. Sometimes it was due to my poor navigation using the in-game map, other times it was being sent back somewhat far when having to respawn, and there were times I was simply confused. It took me a while to figure out what to do with the upgrade system too. This is a game with a lot of materials spread throughout the world to collect that likely need to be read to get the full story. Due to a lack of time and having a hard time reading the text (I have poor eyesight and a 42" TV) I didn't look at too many of them. Compared to other Remedy games, I didn't find the characters all that intriguing, like Max Payne and Alan Wake, plus I did have more fun with Quantum Break as well. Unfortunately, it is another M-rated game which seems to be what I mostly play. It probably could have gotten away with a T-rating simply by removing the strong language.

The Sega Genesis Mini released this month though I don't know that I'll get a chance to play it. I can't spend $80 on it even if it does look nice and has received great reviews. Nintendo announced a new fitness device, sort of like a Wii Fit for Switch I suppose. It's called Ring Fit Adventure and includes a plastic ring that holds one Joy-Con controller with the other Joy-Con being strapped to a leg. It's not far off with a release date of October 18th; it will cost $79.99. Also this month Nintendo released the Switch Lite and a Mario Kart game for mobile devices.

There was a Star Wars event this past week that showed off a lot of new products and a trailer for the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game. In other Star Wars news, Aspyr published the old Jedi Knight II game (without the multiplayer mode) digitally for Switch and PlayStation 4 at a price of $9.99. No idea how it holds up but it was certainly a great game back in 2002.

I did get a request to play a couple Commodore 64 games. While I don't own Thrust, I plan on getting a One-on-One video up on YouTube this weekend. Thanks for reading the blog and watching the YouTube videos and following everywhere possible and providing feedback!


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