Saturday, September 21, 2019

Gaming Ads: Tecmo

I've run into some conflicting information for Tecmo's early days though it looks like it began in 1967, I'm just not positive of the name at that time. Eventually it changed its name to Tehkan before becoming known as Tecmo, Ltd. in 1986. Based in Japan, the company sold amusement machines throughout the '70s and developed its first game in 1981, the fixed-screen shooter Pleiades. Also in 1981, it opened U.S. Tehkan in California which would later become Tecmo, Inc. Some of Tecmo's best known games of the '80s include Bomb Jack, Solomon's Key, Rygar, Tecmo Bowl, and Ninja Gaiden. In the '90s it released Dead or Alive and Monster Rancher, both of which would receive numerous sequels alongside those of Tecmo Bowl and Ninja Gaiden.

Tecmo's current state will be the same as what I wrote in the Koei ads post. In 2009 Tecmo merged with Koei to form Koei Tecmo Holdings. The naming of the various Tecmo divisions has been changed a couple times since then. At first the North American company was called Tecmo Koei America but in 2014 it was reversed and became Koei Tecmo America.

Tecmo albums: Facebook - Google Photos

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